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Solar Panel Cleaning

Squeaky Clean of Silverlake window & gutter cleaning recommends an annual pressure or soft wash of house siding, best done first with windows afterwards.

Why stop at clean windows, when the house exterior can be just as gleaming. For about the cost of the window cleaning you can add pressure or soft washing to your home's exterior siding and really make your home shine! You can also just get the front of the house done for 1/3rd the price for a grand entrance you can be proud of.

We are unique in that we offer a special soft wash of delicate house siding using water fed poles with soft flocked brushes designed to remove stubborn dirt without damaging surfaces.

You'd be surprised how much grime accumulates over exterior surfaces in LA. Many customers have felt like their house was freshly painted after a house siding soft wash.

For a free estimate please call 323-663-4152