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How often should I have my windows cleaned?

Most people have their home's windows cleaned once or twice a year, and sometimes quarterly.

Can you clean the inside of my windows or just the exterior?

Though most homeowners get both the inside and oustide windows cleaned, you can schedule window cleaning for only exteriors if desired.

Do you also clean rain gutters?

Yes!. It is best to have your rain gutters cleaned once or twice a year, depending on the amount of leaves and other debris likely to accumulate in your gutters. Most customers have this service performed before or during the rainy season.  

Why hire Fred?

With over a decade of window cleaning experience, owner, Fred Korhonen has seen it all and is expert at getting your home's windows squeaky clean. Fred can do any window cleaning job to your complete satisfaction and specializes in larger and hillside homes of the most discerning customers.


Can you give an estimate over the phone or online or only on-site?

Sometimes an approximate cost can be given over the phone, but generally an on-site estimate is needed


Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes, $120 is the minimum charge.


Do you have travel restrictions?

A travel charge may apply for non-local customers, please call if you have questions.


Can you remove hard water stains from glass?

If Hard water stain removal is desired, Fred will test a small area of the stained window to determine the difficulty in removing hard water build-up. He can provide you an idea for time and cost.


Will you come out to clean just one or two windows?

Yes, as long as the overall job meets the minimum.


Do you offer post-construction window cleaning?

With post-construction window cleaning it is vital to hire a window cleaning service who are very experienced in this field. Fred Korhonen has completed many such jobs to the owners great satisfaction.